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The Oneday Guarantee assures you that if you make your reservation with us and an inconvenient situation arises with the service, we will work with our partners on solving it. We cannot control situations, like climatological phenomena, but we it can help to find solutions to these inconvenient situations. With Oneday you can fully enjoy your vacations, since we are always there to support you The guarantee includes, for example: • If you hire a land transportation service and the vehicle suffers some damage, immediately we will assign another equal or a superior vehicle in order to enjoy the journey. • If you arrive at your hotel and you are told your reservation is lost or that the hotel is oversold we will take over the situation directly with the Hotel to offer you another room in the same hotel, hotel chain or another hotel with the same category. • If you come to your room and instead of having the beach front that you pay, you have a parking lot sight, we will request the hotel that they change you inmediatly to the room you initialy acquired. • Our commitment is that you enjoy, your time with us as pleassent you can be.